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Did you know your old XRF is worth $$$?!

Up to $10,000 Towards Purchase of a New LIBS Analyzer

  • On the shelf broken?
  • Maintenance costs getting ridiculous?
  • Need faster testing?

Trade it in for a SAFER, FASTER, LOWER COST Analyzer - LIBS!

How It Works:

Easy As Steps 1 - 2 - 3. UPGRADE to LIBS!

  1. Tell us about your XRF (Web Form, Text, Call, Email)
    • Make & Model
    • Condition (Working or Not)
    • Share a picture of your XRF
  2. Share your contact info - Get an offer on a new LIBS*
  3. Accept offer & ship us your XRF.

*We'll make you a guaranteed offer within 24 hours that is good for 30 days!


  1. Avoid Costly Repairs - Lower the cost of ownership
  2. Get Better Performance ... Especially aluminum alloys
  3. Test Safer - NO RADIATION
  4. Test Faster - 1-2 second test w/ shorter startup times
  5. Use Updated Technology
    1. Easy data management w/ Wifi connectivity
    2. Camera for sample image tagging & reporting
    3. Deal with surface contamination
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