Your Old XRF is worth $$$. Sell It To Us!

Working or Not. We Want It!

  • Turn that liability into a cash asset and finally get ROI.
  • Need $$$ to update your old PMI or lab equipment?
  • Your XRF is obsolete or costing you too much to maintain?

How It Works:

Easy As Steps 1 - 2 - 3. GET PAID $$$

  1. Tell us about your XRF
    • Make & Model
    • Condition (Working or Not)
    • Share a picture of your XRF
  2. Share your contact info - Get an offer*
  3. Accept offer & ship us your XRF.

*We'll make you a guaranteed offer within 24 hours that is good for 30 days!


  1. Get Cash - The longer you wait, the less it is worth. Create cash flow.
  2. It's Broken - Believe it or not, it still has value.
  3. Upgrade - Increase the value by trading in towards new equipment.
  4. No Longer Needed - You found a better way or don't use it.
  5. High Maintenance Costs - Repairs, State Registration, Liability